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HFRG/PPCT Threat Pattern Recognition Instructor Course, #2040

This 40 hour PPCT Defensive Tactics course is for a new instructor who needs to obtain a certification within the system. The PPCT Defensive Tactics System is the first subject control system developed through Tactical, Legal, Medical, and Human Factors research.
Tactically, the system addresses the most common types of resistance officers encounter, allowing the instructor to maximize training on job-related techniques. Legally, the PPCT System teaches a simple use of force continuum that clarifies the appropriate force level for every level of resistance. Medical research was conducted on every PPCT technique to refine technique efficiency and to ensure the medical implications were proportional to the level of resistance. Human Factors addresses human capabilities and limitations within a specific domain.

The instructor will receive an instructor manual with the latest research done on Threat
Pattern Recognition.

Course Topics & 12 Instructor Certifications:
Threat Pattern Recognition Human Factors/Survival Learning Research
Control Principles Tactical Handcuffing
Pressure Points Control Tactics Joint Locks/Takedowns
Defensive Counterstrikes Defensive Counterstrikes
Shoulder Pin Impact Weapon System
Weapon Retention & Disarming Instructor Development Protocol

July 18, 2022, 8:00am –
July 22, 2022, 5:00pm

Cost: $500.00
Hours: 40



Norma Heitjen-Smith

Sponsor: Use of Force Consultants, Inc. (Email Address: ufconsultants@gmail.com)


Capital Area Council of Governments - Lantana Room
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For Questions:
Contact ufconsultants@gmail.com, Norma Smith-Heitjan or Sergio Flores at 512-916-6160 or at scflores@capcog.org or

Course ID: 33121

Registration Information: Heitjan Security Solutions
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Make payment to “Heitjan Security Solutions” Credit Cards accepted

Payment is done through:
Heitjan Security Solutions
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Norma Smith-Heitjan

July 5, 2022

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