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Money Mentality and the Fundamentals of Financial Health

From The 360 Dispatcher:

Money is at the core of most of life’s most difficult issues. Frequently, arguments arise out of money issues. Feelings of self-worth arise out of money issues. Your sense of success is often determined by your money issues. Many of us didn’t grow up with good examples of money discipline so we’re not even sure what to do. This class gets inside the money issue discussing the psychology of money, tracking where your money goes, and presents a system for greater money responsibility.

About the Instructor:

Dr. Joe Serio is founder of The 360° Dispatcher. He has trained thousands of 9-1-1 dispatchers across the United States and Canada on topics such as Positive Interaction with Difficult People, Leadership and Your Legacy, Effective Supervision, and Time Management.

He regularly visits comm centers around the country listening to calls, interviewing supervisors, and talking with call-takers and dispatchers.

Joe is founding publisher of the Get the Nerve series of books and was co-founder of The Healthy Dispatcher. He is the author of more than 10 books on personal development, leadership, and wellness, and co-author of Dispatcher Stress: 50 Lessons on Beating the Burnout.

Joe holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice with a focus on Leadership and Organizational Behavior from one of the leading programs in the country.

In his former life, Joe was the only American to work in the Organized Crime Control Department of the Soviet National Police and was director of the Moscow office of the world’s leading corporate investigation and business development firm.

Cost: Free
Hours: 8



Dr. Joe Serio

Special Instructions:

When space allows, we can open the class up for outside agencies to attend for a fee of $135.00. Non-member agencies may register students, and will be contacted shortly thereafter in regards to payment & availability.

Dress Code: To promote a professional training environment, CAPCOG requires proper professional attire. T-shirts, shorts, leggings, and flip-flops are prohibited.

Entry to the building: Come in through the Capital Area Council of Governments Training Center entrance (under metal awning – this door is unlocked) and then take the second door on the right (you’ll have to be let in this door). Follow instructions on signage. If there is no sign, use the phone on the wall to dial ext. 6004 for entry and/or further instructions. 

Attendee must bring their PID # to receive TCOLE credit for courses taken at CAPCOG. No meals provided with this training. CAPCOG provides training for the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in our region at no cost to 9-1-1 telecommunicators and their departments. When space is reserved for a 9-1-1 training class offered by CAPCOG, students, or the supervisor who made the reservation, must cancel such reservation at least two business days prior to start of the class or payment for the class will be invoiced to the appropriate agency for the "no show".


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For Questions:
Contact Veronica Neal at 512-916-6097 or vneal@capcog.org

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